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-Start Time: 10am

-2 hour tour 


Our Wildlife Alive tour is a two-hour tour that starts with an interactive animal experience in our education pavilion, takes you into our NEW Tortoise contact yard, and see one of the LARGEST species-specific Rhino Iguana exhibits in the country. 


From there you'll venture over to visit with our NEW baby Chinese Alligators, and see some of our Turtle friends.

Making your way into our Behind The Scenes area you'll learn all about our Asian Small Clawed Otters, our Monkeys, Sloth, Albino Porcupine, Bat-Eared Foxes, and more. 

We'll round out this awesome tour with a step into our air-conditioned Amphibian Lab where we'll introduce you to our Purple Harlequin Toads, Fly River Turtles (fresh water version of sea turtles), our reptile incubation station, the largest species of Gecko in the world, and MUCH MUCH more. 

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