10 am $65
6 pm $75 (sundowner)


-10am & 6pm start times

-2 hour tour 

-Interactive animal show 

-Camel Encounter

-Sloth encounters

-Tour of our "frog lab" 

-Great photo opportunities




Join us for time on the wild side in our behind-the-scenes animal encounter area! Experience animals like never before and without barriers. Step into the shoes of our amazing animal trainers as you not only learn about ours and the animals day, but while you experience first-hand as you reward our animals with treats and positive interaction. You won’t want to forget the camera at home! This is an opportunity you’ll remember forever.

Animals: You’ll enjoy all the excitement of the Wildlife ALIVE Package plus one-on-one interactions with Bat-Eared Foxes, a Capuchin Monkey, Sloths,  a Rhino Iguana, and a tour of our Amphibian Lab.