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Our feeding encounters are add-ons to our tours. Feeding encounters are not available on their own. Please select which feeding encounter you'd like to purchase at checkout.


FEED THE OTTERS: Join keepers as they offer the otters some of their favorite treats. *This encounter is protected contact; meaning you won't actually enter the same space as the otters. 

FEED THE SLOTH: Join keepers as we adorn the sloth with some of her favorite treats. 

FEED THE WATER BUFFALO: Venture into our future safari park and offer our Asian Water Buffalo herd some of their favorite snacks. 

*Encounter availability may change at any time and without notice based on the animal's choice to participate. If an encounter has to be cancelled, a refund will be issued for that encounter or an alternate encounter may be substituted. 

Bring the camera because these are experiences you'll not soon forget! 

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